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E.g. Litigation. Patent. GDPR. Contract. Compliance. eDiscovery.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


Arbitration Resolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Assessment Collection

Auditing IP Portfolio

Automated Patent Proofreading



Business Translation

Buying & Selling IP (Intellectual Property)

Case Management

Case Management System (CMS)

Case Tracking


Client Management

Cloud Computing & Technology

Cloud Legal Support

Cloud Patent Management

Collection Agency

Collection Litigation

Commercial Arbitration

Commercialize IP Portfolio

Company Investigator

Complex Contracting

Compliance Management

Conflicts Management

Contract Distribution

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Contract Management


Copyright Consultancy

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement Litigation

Copyright Licensing

Copyright Registration

Corporate IP Strategy

Corporate Legal

Corporate Legal Projects

Corporate Litigation

Court Date Calculator

Court Reporting

Court Reporting & Management

Cyber Legal

Data Mapping

Data Mapping Automation

Data Migration

Data Privacy & Protection Management

Data Protection

Debt Collection

Design IP Right

Design Patent Right

Digital Dictation

Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital Litigation

Digital Marketing

Digital Preservation and Forensics

Discovery Management

Document Automation

Document Composition

Document Conversion

Document Management

Document Review

Document Review & Management

Document Scanning

Due Diligence

Early Data Analyzer



eDiscovery Analyzer

eDiscovery Data Processing

Electronic File Management

Electronic Filing

Email And Groupware

Email Archiving

Email Archiving Solutions

Email Forensics

Email Investigation

Email Marketing

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Risk Case Management


Financial Markets Compliance

Forensic & Investigation

Forensic Data Collection

Fraud Detection & Prevention

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


In-Use Trademark Investigation

Incident Management

Insider Trading Compliance

Intellectual Asset Management

Intellectual Property Life Cycle

International Dispute Resolution

Investigation Case Management

Investment Portfolio Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Administration

IP (Intellectual Property) Advisory

IP (Intellectual Property) Analysis

IP (Intellectual Property) Analytics

IP (Intellectual Property) Archives

IP (Intellectual Property) Asset Management & Development

IP (Intellectual Property) Audit

IP (Intellectual Property) Audit & Governance

IP (Intellectual Property) Auditing

IP (Intellectual Property) Brand Consultancy

IP (Intellectual Property) Brand Creation

IP (Intellectual Property) Brand Positioning

IP (Intellectual Property) Budgeting

IP (Intellectual Property) Business Advisory

IP (Intellectual Property) Business Intelligence

IP (Intellectual Property) Collateral and Investment Protection

IP (Intellectual Property) Commercialization

IP (Intellectual Property) Competitive Intelligence

IP (Intellectual Property) Consulting

IP (Intellectual Property) Contract Drafting

IP (Intellectual Property) Contract Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Corporate Intelligence

IP (Intellectual Property) Counseling

IP (Intellectual Property) Dashboard

IP (Intellectual Property) Discovery

IP (Intellectual Property) Dispute Negotiation

IP (Intellectual Property) Dispute Resolution

IP (Intellectual Property) Dispute Settlement

IP (Intellectual Property) Docketing

IP (Intellectual Property) Docketing Training

IP (Intellectual Property) Document Retrieval

IP (Intellectual Property) Domain Acquisitions

IP (Intellectual Property) Due Diligence

IP (Intellectual Property) eDiscovery

IP (Intellectual Property) Education and Training

IP (Intellectual Property) Enforcement

IP (Intellectual Property) Finance

IP (Intellectual Property) Forecaster

IP (Intellectual Property) Funding

IP (Intellectual Property) Governance

IP (Intellectual Property) Innovation Intelligence

IP (Intellectual Property) intelligence

IP (Intellectual Property) Inventory

IP (Intellectual Property) Investigation

IP (Intellectual Property) Investment

IP (Intellectual Property) Investment Protection

IP (Intellectual Property) Investment Research

IP (Intellectual Property) Landscape & Benchmark

IP (Intellectual Property) Landscape Analysis

IP (Intellectual Property) Law Enforcement

IP (Intellectual Property) Legalizations

IP (Intellectual Property) Legislation

IP (Intellectual Property) Licensing

IP (Intellectual Property) Lifecycle Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Litigation Support

IP (Intellectual Property) Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Mergers & Acquisitions

IP (Intellectual Property) Monetization

IP (Intellectual Property) Monitoring

IP (Intellectual Property) Outsourcing

IP (Intellectual Property) Paralegal Training

IP (Intellectual Property) Payments

IP (Intellectual Property) Planning

IP (Intellectual Property) Policy and Process Set up

IP (Intellectual Property) Portfolio Analysis

IP (Intellectual Property) Portfolio Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Professional

IP (Intellectual Property) Project Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Protection

IP (Intellectual Property) R&D Intelligence

IP (Intellectual Property) Recordals

IP (Intellectual Property) Restructuring

IP (Intellectual Property) Risk Analysis and Clearance

IP (Intellectual Property) Risk Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Roadmap

IP (Intellectual Property) Rules Management

IP (Intellectual Property) Scouting/Technology Scouting

IP (Intellectual Property) Search

IP (Intellectual Property) Strategy

IP (Intellectual Property) Support

IP (Intellectual Property) Training

IP (Intellectual Property) Transactions

IP (Intellectual Property) Translation

IP (Intellectual Property) Valuation

IP (Intellectual Property) Venture Fund

IP (Intellectual Property) Workflow Consulting

Judgment Collection

Law Enforcement

Law Firm Accounting

Law Firm Business Management

Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm PR

Law Firm SEO & SEM

Law Firm Web Hosting

Law Firm Web Marketing

Law Firm Website Design

Law Practice Management

Lawsuit Funding

Lawyer Bookkeeping

Lawyer Coaching

Legal Accounting

Legal Advisory & Consultancy

Legal Appointment & Operations

Legal Apps for Professionals

Legal Archiving

Legal Billing & Accounting

Legal Brand Consultancy

Legal Business Process Management

Legal Case Management

Legal Coding & Data Entry

Legal Coding Solutions

Legal Compliance

Legal Contracts Translation

Legal CRM

Legal Data Archiving

Legal Dictation

Legal Docketing

Legal Document Management

Legal Education

Legal Email Management

Legal Encryption

Legal Financing

Legal Investigative

Legal Knowledge Management

Legal Management Consulting

Legal Matter Management

Legal Offshoring

Legal Operations

Legal Placement

Legal PR

Legal PR & Marketing

Legal Practice Management

Legal Process Management

Legal Project Management

Legal Publication

Legal Records Management

Legal Reprographics

Legal Research

Legal Scanning & Printing

Legal Spend Management

Legal Staffing

Legal Technology Implementation

Legal Threat Management

Legal Time & Billing

Legal Time Tracking & Recording

Legal Training

Legal Transcription

Legal Translation

Legal Translation & Transcription

Legal Workflow Management

Legislative Drafting

Licensing Support

Litigation & Trial Practice

Litigation Coding

Litigation Document Productions

Litigation Funding

Litigation Hold & Compliances

Litigation Interpreting

Litigation Management

Litigation PR

Litigation Practice Management

Litigation Research

Litigation Risk Management

Litigation Securities

Litigation Support

Loss Mitigation

LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing)

Matter Management

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)


Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Mobile eDiscovery


Offshore Paralegal

Online Document Repository

Online IP (Intellectual Property) Management

Online Paralegal Training

Online Patent Management System

Onshore Patent

Outside Collection

Paper Discovery


Parallel Trade Investigations

Patent  Mapping

Patent & Trademark Management

Patent Academy/Institute

Patent Acquisition

Patent Advisory

Patent Agreement

Patent Analytics

patent application drafting

Patent Appraisals

Patent Benchmarking

Patent Brokerage

Patent Budgeting

Patent Claims Checker

Patent Clearance

Patent Compliance

Patent Consulting

Patent Cost Estimation

Patent Dashboard

Patent Docketing

Patent Drafting

Patent Drawing

Patent Due Diligence

Patent Equity

Patent Funding

Patent Illustrations

Patent Infringement Analysis

Patent Infringement Litigation

Patent Interpretation

Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent Legalizations

Patent Leveraged M&A

Patent Litigation Support

Patent Maintenance

Patent Management

Patent Mapping

Patent Monitoring

Patent Negotiation

Patent Offshoring

Patent Optimizer

Patent Outsourcing

Patent Paralegals

Patent Payment

Patent Pledge

Patent Portfolio Assessment

Patent Portfolio Benchmarking

Patent Portfolio Management

Patent Portfolio Mining

Patent Preparation

Patent Process Outsourcing

Patent Product Mapping

Patent Proofreading

Patent Prosecution Support

Patent Protection

Patent Renewal

Patent Renewals Outsourcing

Patent Research & Analysis

Patent Research and Analysis

Patent Research Outsourcing

Patent Scouting

Patent Search & Analysis

Patent Strategy

Patent Support Outsourcing

Patent Term Estimator

Patent Training

Patent Translation

Patent Validity Search

Patent Valuation

Patent Verification

Patent-Law Consulting

Patent-to-Product Mapping

Patentability Analysis

Practice Control & Management

Practice Control And Management


Printing Discovery

Privacy Management

Records Management

Regulatory Compliance Management

Risk & Threat Management

Risk Assessment

Securities Litigation

Sell Your Patent


Settlement Funding

Speech Recognition

Threat Prevention & Management

Trade Secret Litigation

Trademark Analytics

Trademark Clearance

Trademark Database Management

Trademark Docketing

Trademark Docketing Training

Trademark drawings

Trademark Enforcement Investigation

Trademark infringement

Trademark Infringement Litigation

Trademark Investigation

Trademark Management

Trademark PR

Trademark Protection

Trademark Registration

Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewals Outsourcing

Trademark Research

Trademark Research & Protection

Trademark Search

Trademark Surveillance

Trademark Training

Trademark Translation

Trademark Valuation

Trademarks Agreements

Trial Presentation

Virtual Data Room

Virtual Legal Assistant

Virtual Paralegals

Vulnerability Management

Website Design and Maintenance

White Collar Defense

Work Product Management

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