Legal Tech Industry & the Commercial Impact of Coronavirus

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Legal Tech Industry & the Commercial Impact of Coronavirus

The coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has now been documented in more than 200 countries and territories. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc on markets and legal industries in the Asia, USA, UK and around the world, legal businesses are now confronting significant and unique challenges. Whether you are the General Counsel, Head of Legal Department, In-House Lawyer, Law Firm Partner or Service Provider, the rules have shifted for what you can and can’t do in your daily business. Successful navigation of these challenges will require thoughtful and comprehensive planning. 

  • Legal ethics and coronavirus: tech solutions for health, safety, and efficiency
  • AI-enabled Contract Management for force majeure during pandemic
  • Technology and the duty of competence
  • Taking your law firm online
  • Time to tech enabled cross border investigations
  • Find the Right Data On The Computer, Phone and Cloud Apps
    • Given the rise of digital data in all its forms, the ability to perform effective corporate investigations needs to evolve. As an eDiscovery and legal professional, you need a strategy to access, manage and leverage different types of digital data sources including computer, mobile, cloud and video to its fullest potential to solve investigations.


Shahaf Rozanski
VP product and corporate development,
Cellebite Business Solutions,


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