About Us 
tkter.com is India’s first Legaltech Knowledge Sharing Platform, which enables In-house Counsel, Law Firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals, Tech Startups, Tech Vendors and Service Providers, share, exchange and discuss industry trends, happenings and competitive solutions. We aim to be India’s first and exclusive Law Software Discovery Website.
We are an educational platform, which offers learning on the most trending and evolving topics such as litigation, IP, e-discovery, contract, compliance, digital integration, the blockchain, AI and many more.
Through our viable and versatile offerings – the law tech webinars, online workshops, virtual learning labs, online discussions, web-conferencing, news, blog posts, articles, industry news, product reviews, profiling, we have managed to connect a huge number of vendors and buyers, which further helped them network, grow and re-invent their brand capabilities.
tkter.com is an online initiative of Events 4 Sure, the International Law tech Event Management company. As an associate partner of Events 4 Sure, tkter.com, has conducted 45+ successful Law Tech Events, worldwide.

Why choose tkter.com?

With a uniquely designed virtual format, tkter.com aims to assist both the buyers and the vendors by bringing them together at this knowledge sharing platform.

  • Collaborate and engage with the Indian and global legal industry professionals virtually and drive positive value.
  • Our well-designed webinars aim to highlight and deliberate upon various operational challenges.
  • Sharing the tech- advancements that will dramatically and positively impact the legal industrial business outcomes.
  • Reach millions of lawyers
  • Join 8000+ lawyer members at our LinkedIn group.
  • Learn about the latest and trending law technologies.
  • Knowledge sharing platform for the Law industries.
  • Get your brand and services profiled and enhance your market visibility.
  • Get daily updates on the Law and lawtech industries’ developments, changes and happenings.
  • Attend Indian and Global Law Tech In-person Events: NEW DELHI. BANGALORE. MUMBAI. HYDERABAD.SINGAPORE. DUBAI.
  • Team’s cumulative experience of 45+ law tech events.

Law Tech webinars

Use our platform to search for the upcoming Law-Tech webinars

  • Quick and easy registration of event within minutes
  • Law Tech Webinars for Education and Interactions
  • Understand the Law Tech Industry Challenges and adopt competitive solutions

Webinars – Online Events!

Advantages of using tkter.com

Use our platform for free and build your network with a larger audience at the stroke of a few buttons.

Key Features

  • Virtual and physical Law-Tech Industry events
  • Hassle-free registration process
  • Robust search engine for upcoming events
  • Knowledge and information sharing Center

Benefits to Event Sponsors

  • Excellent exposure to the Indian and global audience
  • Global branding and enhanced market exposure
  • Scaling up your brand recognition
  • Payment only via Secure Sources
  • Search, register and participate in webinars 24×7

Benefits to Webinar Participants

  • Latest information on the industry Law events and webinars
  • One-click access and registration to various online events on multiple Lawtech subjects
  • Access to 10,000+ free and paid events globally
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Opportunity to meet more than 1 million law tech professionals
  • Belong to a network of experts dedicated to professional and personal development

Easy life with tkter.com

We believe that knowledge makes the world a better place. What’s better that you get all the Law-Tech Webinars under one place which saves your time, your money and, with the knowledge session time the takeaways caters to all the queries.

Register to our Webinars and take-away the experience from the Industry Leaders. It’s as simple as that.